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      The company was founded in 2008, built into all industrial park is located in the state-level high-tech industrial park in Dongguan Songshan Lake Ecological Park production (Shek Pai Town Industrial Park Avenue), supporting office buildings, staff apartments, living and leisure area, more than 20 thousand square meters production base.

       The company has more than 200 employees and 13 functional departments. There are professional qualifications of metal doors and windows, construction curtain wall construction, steel structure two, building decoration and decoration two levels and so on. 8 doors and windows curtain wall professional water production line, annual production of curtain wall 200 thousand square meters, doors and windows 300 thousand square meters. The annual output value is 3-5 billion yuan.

       Financial construction and the country has a leading and local well-known real estate developers to cooperate, such as country garden, poly, SUNAC, Xuhui, gemale, contemporary home, excellence group, Xinghe estate, AVIC mileage, China Everbright Group, real estate, real estate, letter hung Fuying Deji estate have cooperation.

       Rong Du, adhering to the enterprise development concept of "service, quality and innovation", is committed to the development of the professional market of doors and windows and curtain walls. To provide customers with the most cost-effective window and window curtain wall overall application.

In the next 3-5 years, the Yudu Industrial Park will be built as an employee over 600 people, with an annual output value of over one billion yuan and a super large door and window curtain wall Industrial Park in Southern China.

Tel:+86 0769-3897 5349

Address:Shixin Industrial Park, Dongyan Line, Gongye Avenue, Fulongcun, shipai town City, Dongguan City.

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